Illinois Division

The Illinois Division of USA Fencing has three missions:
*To promote the sport of fencing in Illinois
*To sanction official USA Fencing local competitions
*To assist member clubs in the Illinois Division

About the Division

The Illinois Division of USA Fencing is a part of USA Fencing, which is the National Governing Body for Fencing in the United States.

The Illinois Division has four officers:
  • Chair:  Fernando Delgado (
  • Vice Chair:  Laurie Schiller (
  • Secretary:  Linda Groce (
  • Treasurer:  Meredith Delgado (
Decisions of the Division, such as on sanctioning tournaments, are taken by the Division's Executive Committee, which includes representatives of many of the Division's recognized clubs.

Each year in August, the Division has an annual meeting, at which Division officers and the Executive Committee are elected.  USA Fencing members in the Division are given advance notice of the meeting by email.  At the annual meeting, the Division also establishes a competition schedule for the coming year.

The Division's bylaws are here.

The Division's sanctioning procedures are here.